Best free Shopify Apps that Grow your Business fast

We all know that every ecommerce platform is not able to fulfill our needs in order to help us to grow the store fast. Sometime we need extra functionality in our store which does not comes by default in store, to fulfill this i’m writing about the  best free Shopify apps that can help you grow your business fast:

Best free shopify apps that grow your business fast

List of Best Free Shopify Apps

Fablet ShopPad

If you wish that your store looks fantastic and easy to navigate then this Shopify app can convert your Shopify store to gorgeous app for mobile devices. The Great thing about this app is that interface is generated from existing eCommerce store.This means you do not need to code the User Interface for different devices.

You will surely increase your sales by providing the best user experience to the highly lucrative mobile audience. 

MailChimp for Shopify

Those who are looking for app to send free emails to their customers,then this app can come into play. Shop owners can use this app for email campaigns and it allows them to target email campaigns at their buyer base.

This app connects your Shopify store with your MailChimp account and synchronizes your customers automatically with your MailChimp account.This app starts by asking customers to signup/sign in into their MailChimp account.

The most exclusive feature of this app  is the automatically added customers to MailChimp list. when a customer completes order and agrees to receive promotional email, MailChimp for Shopify automatically subscribe to your MailChimp and in addition your customers are added to a static segment called “Shopify Customers”, so that you easily differentiate between other customers.

Plug in SEO

Every eCommerce store owner looks for how to bring their store in top google searches? how to increase their organic traffic for their Shopify store? how to increase their eCommerce store sales? , then this app is fantastic to do that.

This app simply tells you what to change in your store , which meta description is good for your product and which is not.This plugin is highly used by Shopify stores to get more profit out of store.

Yotpo Reviews

A must used tool for eCommerce store specially when your store is related to audio products, shoes sales etc.This app can help your customer to buy the best product from your website.It sends automated emails regarding the product reviews and you can share with your  Store’s Social media as well. This app  can boost your shoppers confidence and trust with tons of trustworthy and verified reviews.

The real reason for user who is going to buy product online because of product rating and reviews about particular product which user want to buy.When the product is tricky for consumers to evaluate, then this app can help customer to evaluate the best product out of many products.

Better Coupon Box

If you are looking to increase your sales by using promotional offers then this app will be great for your shopify store.We know everyone want something off when buying any product , giving offers on product definitely increase the sales of a product. This app  can popup promotional offer whenever a customer visits your store.

Better coupon box can convert your every visitor to a potential customer giving some best offer on popup screen.Plugin is fully user friendly and responsive also looks good on mobile devices.


In this post you have read about some best free shopify apps that can help your store to grow fast.If you know more best plugins that can help your store to go up please share with other customer using our comment box.

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