How to Setup and Configure Shopify with Custom Domain

It is obvious that most of the Shopify users don’t know how to configure Shopify ? Today i’m writing this article to tell you about,how to configure Shopify and how you can run shopify store on your own domain. For example if you have a website  domain say and you want to convert this into online eCommerce shopping website then shopify can come to play.It is very easy to use and configure , using shopify you can easily create your own online eCommerce shop.

What is Shopify ?

History :- Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company. It was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake.

Shopify is a eCommerce Platform for online Websites where we can sell our goods. This  platform is intended for those who have not build own stores.Shopify can be used by every person who wants to sell goods  because :-

  • Shopify is very secure platform for eCommerce
  • Very easy to use
  • 24/7 support
  • Well Designed themes
  • Mobile Friendly
  • High Reputation of Company
  • Awesome Search Engine Optimization

These are some of reasons why people use Shopify to selling their goods.

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How to Setup and configure shopify?

The very first step is to create your shopify store on After creating shopify store the next step is how to configure shopify with custom domain. Using this, your shopify store runs on your own domain like


  1. Go to [yourshop] and login to your account
    Setup and Configure shopify with custom domain
  2. From your shopify admin Go to Online Store >> Domains (or Press G W )
  3. There you have two options add existing domain buy new domain. Shopify also provides service to buy your domain.If you already have a domain then select add existing domain 
    Configure shopify store with custom domain
  4. After clicking on add existing domain ,a popup comes up for adding a domain name, in the input field add your domain name and click add domain
     Configure shopify with custom domain
  5. After adding domain a new popup come, which shows A records with IP. Update these in A records and IP  in your domain  provide account.
    Configure shopify with custom domain
  6. The last step is to setup a primary domain. In above same window you will see the option of set your primary domain. Select your primary domain where you want to run the store. After this, your store and traffic  will automatically redirect to  your primary domain.
  7. Be patient! domain changes can take up to 24 hours for updating records of domain. After 24 hours your shop will be live on your own branded domain. Now you can manage your store through your own domain.

Last Word

I hope this article will help you a lot in setting up and configuring shopify with your own branded domain.If you need  more help about how to setup and configure shopify you can comment your problem below this post.

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Configure shopify with cutom domain

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