How to install apps in your shopify store from shopify app store

Shopify apps allow you easy modification, customization, and enhancement of your shopify store. Instead of changing the core programming of your shopify store, you can add functionality with help of these apps.Today i’m writing article about how to install apps from shopify app store?

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Introduction about Shopify apps.

Shopify apps are same as WordPress plugins and we all know why we use plugins? if we want to add a specific feature in our store then these apps will help us to add extra feature. Shopify apps are used for to enhance the features of our store.These apps extend the functionality of your store and add more powerful features in your shopify store.There are many types of apps available in shopify app store but the most exclusive categories are:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Tools
  • Reporting

You have two options to choose  for your app either free or paid. Many apps including all those made by shopify are free of cost. Search your app on shopify app store and check whether it is free or paid. Mostly shopify apps are paid but paid apps offers free trial period, so you can try the feature before purchasing.Apps offer service in three ways.

Types of fees for apps:

  • Monthly : Pay for a month.
  • One-time : pay one time and use life time.
  • Per-use : pay for per use of app.

Why we can use these apps from shopify app store?

It is very difficult to upgrade your store from existing eCommerce platform but these apps can help a store owner to migrate his store from existing eCommerce platform.There are many useful apps(plugin) available in shopify app store using these you can easily import your store from eBay, Magento and WordPress to shopify store.These apps enhance your store with powerful features.

How to install apps from shopify app store?


  1. Go to [yourshop] and login to your account.
  2. From your shopify admin Go to Apps >>Discover from left side of menu (or Press G A)
    or directly go to https://[yourshop]
  3. Now you will be able to see Apps page. There you have two options :
    Private Apps : In private apps page you can create your own private app.
    Browse Shopify app store : They have pre defined apps which are listed on store.How to install apps in your store from shopify app store
  4. Click on Browse Shopify app store a new App Store window gets open up and browse a app whichever you wish to install. You can also select apps based on categories,price,popularity and collection wise.
  5. Click on a App and for installation on Get Green Button.
    working with shopify app store
  6. The Last step after clicking on Get button is installation process. This screen remind, you are installing this app in your store.
    working with shopify app store

After above step your installed app is ready to use. Now your store is loaded with one extra customized installed powerful feature.


In this post we learned about adding a new feature in our Shopify store using shopfy app store i.e Installing an app in our shopify store.You can easily test the app you like and if you like it go for purchasing it.

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