Setup and configure volusion store with custom domain

How Setup and Configure Volusion with Custom Domain

DNS (Domain Name System) is a hierarchical naming system built on a distributed database for computers or any resource connected to the Internet or any private network. The database that matches the domain names with IP addresses has a tree structure. The entire name server query process is much more complicated, but the exchange of information takes a fraction of a second and is invisible to the visitor.


configure volusion with custom domain

There is simple steps to configure volusion store.

Your domain name is immediately ready to use with your online store after purchasing it from Volusion. Once your domain registration order is complete, you’ll receive an email notification stating your domain name is ready. The name servers for your domain will already be pointed at Volusion upon purchase.
When buying your domain name with Volusion, do enter the primary email address associated with your Volusion account into the email field within the domain name order form. You will be able to manage both plans/orders from the same account by having the same email address associated with the hosting plan and domain name purchase.
Contact your registrar from where you have originally purchased your domain name from, either navigate through their control panel to locate the DNS settings or contact them directly.
There are four name servers you need to point to:


If you’re using a subdomain name e.g. “”, you will not edit the name server records for your domain (unlike above).
On average it takes around 24-72 hours for nameserver and other DNS record changes to propagate. Once you’ve pointed the DNS with your registrar and waited the necessary propagation time, you can configure your Volusion store to resolve to your domain name as follows:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Company in your Admin Area and Under Company Information.
  3. Select your store’s domain name from the Domain Name menu.
  4. Click Save.

After pointing your DNS at Volusion, you will be able to type in your domain and view your storefront, but the URL will still show your Temporary Hostname address. By changing this setting in your Admin Area, the URL in your browser will begin to display your domain name.Volusion automates the process of pointing the records in your DNS.


This article is about how to configure volusion online shopping store with custom domain.

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