14 Best Websites paying to writers on Travel Niche

Just get back from a trip and you have a great travel story you want to share with the world? Love to write about travel and want to inspire others? In this article i’m covering 14 best Websites paying to writers on travel niche. Those guys which love to travel and have a good writing skills makes easy money using these websites. I bet you earn thousands of dollar in a month just sharing your travel experience on these websites. In this list some websites paying very high amount for a feature article.

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The very important part is before going in please read terms and condition all websites very carefully.The common Terms for all websites and blog is:

  • The Article should be original and not posted before elsewhere even your own blog.
  • Article will be well formatted.
  • Images and other data clear and own copyrighted material.

List Of some Best Website for writers on Travel Niche

We’ve listed all web apps alphabetically, this help you track website easily.We’ve also listed some blog in this list which are paying to writers.

1. Babble

Babble.com is Disney’s premiere parenting and lifestyle site. Featuring insightful posts about – and written by – modern parents, as well as recipes, entertainment news, fitness tips, and more, Babble is the ideal site for busy parents everywhere. They are also accepting pitches about travel niche which is fully covered. They are paying $100+ honorarium for per post.

Babble - best websites for writers on travel niche


2. Best Travel Deals

Best Travel Deals is a blog which is paying writer to writing article on travel niche. This blog looking for articles about Travel Deal review, Problems / Solutions of travel destinations, Top 10 Lists about travel niche.They have also more guidelines, for more info reach their guideline page.

Best Travel Deals - best websites for writers on travel niche


3. Budget Travel

Budget Travel contributors come in all shapes and sizes, on any topic about travel. If you can weave a good travel story, chances are more story accept their.The main topics which they are looking for is Read Deals of travel, More exploration of destination places,hotels deal during travel and best ideas to make a successful trip. The article should be interesting and uniques not published anywhere.

Budget Travel - Best Websites for writers on travel niche


4. Go Nomad

Go Nomad paying writers $25+ per article on travel niche. They are covering travel niche since 2000 and looking for unique and unpublished article about travel experiences. Images and video very important if you writing for this website so take excellent shoot during travel.Make sure Images and videos own copyrighted. They have very wide range of topics so go to guideline page for more info.

Go Nomad - Best websites for writers on Travel Niche


5. Go World Travel

Go World Traveling looking for topic which explore the travel area very widely like street foods, Places where local hangout of a particular place. They welcomed posts about taste of food, explore the streets and walk down hidden paths. Go World travel mostly reader from North America, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Go World Travel - Best websites for writers on travel Niche


6. Perceptive Travel

Perspective Travel online magazine website founded in 2006. They are looking for Unique and unpublished stories about travel niche.The story should be original and well written which reader easily understand.Before submitting story, please have look perceptivetravel.com to see what they already covered.They are paying $100 per article of 1,200 to 2,000 words.

perceptivetravel - best websites for writers on travel niche


7. PreTravels

PreTravels also paying writers for writing article about travel niche. PreTravels covers Asia, Europe, North America , South America in their articles. Before going in please take look to the previous published articles. Your article should be at least 1,000 words long and well structured. You should at least 3 irrelevant images in article which showing the destination area.your article should be SEO optimized.

Pre Travels - Best websites for writers on travel Niche


8. Saveur

They are paying $150+ honorarium for amazing articles about travel and food.They welcomed unsolicited article about Lifestyle, Travel, Food , For more info visit their guideline page.

Saveur - Best websites for writer on travel niche


9. Tales to Go

Tales to go Published by Traveler’s Tales/Solas House, Inc. If you have have excellent writing skills then this website great for you. In general, they are looking for personal, nonfiction stories and anecdotes—funny, illuminating, adventurous, frightening, or grim. Traveler’s tales offers a $50 honorarium for 1,200 to 3,000 words story.

Tales to Go - Best websites for writers on travel niche


10. The Expeditioner

If you love traveling and also a Blogger looking for a Powerful backlink then this website very interesting for you. They are paying $30 per article but also publishing author bio at the bottom of post. Theexpeditioner.com welcome unsolicited article about travel niche.The article length about 1,000 to 1,500 words.

The expeditioner - Best websites for writers on travel niche


11. Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad very wide range scope for writers. They offering $50+ honorarium of 800 – 2000+ words per article.The main focusing area is Travel Abroad, Work Abroad, Study Abroad and Living Abroad.Multimedia more important in post to get more readers on their website.For more info Please visit their guideline page.

Transitions Abroad - best websites for writers on travel niche

12. Travel and Leisure

Travel + Leisure Magazine also paying writers for writing article on Travel niche. They are focusing on travel tips, best travel places ideas and your best experience about traveling. Travel + Leisure Magazine USA based Travel Website.

Travel and Leisure Magazine - Best websites for writers on Travel Niche


13. Travelsignposts

The owners of Travelsignposts are professional photographer and writer Tony Page and his blogger wife, Helen. Travelsignposts providing very useful article to their readers, So they are also looking for some unique article from you. The Article should be about advice of trip and personal experiences. They also accepting videos, images of trips which is unique and interesting.

Travelsignposts - Best websites for writer on travel niche


14. World Hum

World Hum was started by Jim Benning in 2001.This website covers very interesting stories about travel. The main focus is on Travel Stories, Speaker’s corner essays, Interview with travelers, writers – anyone that say something interesting about travel.The article length should be under 1,500 words.They are also accepting video, photo slideshows of the highest quality.

World Hum - Best websites for writers on Travel Niche Apply



On internet huge list of travel sites which are paying writers for writing on travel niche but i have listed some best and latest one which still paying to writers for writing article.

If you really enjoyed this article please share and comment. if you also remember any website let us know using comment box we’ll update asap.

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